The Program

The Alberta Investor Tax Credit forms the basis and motivation for Alberta Venture Link .

Why it matters

Alberta continues to lag behind its competitors in technology development, venture capital deployment, innovation and job creation for industries outside of commodities. Bill 30 created the Alberta Investor Tax Credit when the Alberta legislature unanimously passed the Investing in a Diversified Alberta Economy Act. As of late January 2017 investors in approved businesses and venture capital corporations including Alberta Venture Link have been able to benefit from a 30% tax credit for all eligible investments. This credit applies to personal investments up to $200,000 and unlimited corporate investments (corporate investments are non-refundable).

By purchasing equity in Alberta Venture Link, you are investing in a portfolio of high-growth Albertan companies, with innovative scalable technologies, products or processes which are inaccessible to conventional investment providers and funds. Most importantly, you are spending your investment dollars locally, supporting entrepreneurs to create jobs and prosperity for the province, now and in the future. With your support, Alberta Venture Link not only provides the financial support necessary to scale and commercialise the next frontier of ideas, it also provides ongoing support in corporate development, revenue generation and process improvement through staff and partners from all aspects of sales, marketing, finance, law, engineering and technology.

Alberta Venture Link connects innovative technology businesses to Albertans, who in turn profit from their growth and receive an immediate 30% return in the form of a refundable tax credit. This substantially reduces risk for the investor while providing the best financial and corporate development support for the investee.

Alberta Venture Link is a monumental opportunity for Albertans to improve their current financial trajectory and grow a diversified, resilient economy. Without support for new technologies and industries, the province will fail to attract and retain the individuals and capital necessary for investment, jobs and income. By investing in Alberta Venture Link, you are part of the innovation helping to shape the planet, in addition to achieving prosperity and diversification benefiting generations of Albertans into the future.

Investment Criteria

Our investment criteria and proactive operational support ensures capital is directed to innovations in technology, products and processes, and supported with scale and growth across industries and geographies. Click more to learn about our selection process and the types of businesses we invest in.



Our portfolio companies are sourced, selected and supported by an experienced and innovative team of entreprenuerus, industry veterans and professional partners with experience across all business facets and industries. This enables our investments to outperform their peers and dominate their rivals.