Supporting a diversified portfolio of growth companies
with an unprecidented incentive for investors.


Investors purchase shares in Alberta Venture Link. All shares in the corporation are common and equal.
Individual investors are eligible to receive a credit of $60,000 annually, with no limit for corporate investors. Investments are RRSP-eligible.


Share capital is invested in Alberta businesses to drive development, commercialization and scale of technologies, products or processes. Investees are Albertan innovation businesses generating revenues.


Alberta Venture Link and its partners assist portfolio companies drive commercialisation and scale across industries and geographies. As the value of portfolio companies grow, so does the value of your investment.


As investee companies scale, they create income and jobs for generations into the future. Leading to a resilient economy better prepared to cope with the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Investment Criteria

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Program Details

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Free Investor Presentation

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